Our Focus Is Maximizing Earning Potential

Lokesh James is the owner of an established medical billing company located in St. Petersburg, Florida. Under his patronage, his company specializes in provider credentialing, A/R management, and medical coding and billing. With his extensive experience and latest knowledge of the industry, he provides customized support to all types of medical practices for their concerns and needs.

His company aims to help medical practices maximize their earning potential while staying compliant with state and federal regulations. Through his professional advice and support, he reduces expenses and improves the net yield of your medical practice. Using state-of-the-art technology and best practices, he enables you to spend less time on complicated paperwork and more with your patients.

As a trained, certified, and experienced professional, Lokesh James provides end-to-end billing services with real-time electronic insurance claims processing. This helps in eliminating vulnerabilities in the process and improves your focus on providing quality medical services.

Benefits of Taking Lokesh James’ Services

When Lokesh James works as your medical billing partner, you can instantly feel the difference by improving your collection cycles and business bottom line. Being your reliable support, he enables your medical practice to:
  • Avoid investments in expensive technology
  • Reduce staff training and management burden
  • Eliminate data redundancy risks often caused due to manual data entry
  • Eliminate worries of entering wrong billing codes
  • Forget manual processing of huge amounts of data and information
  • Eliminate employee salary costs, health benefits/ taxes and other related expenses
  • Eliminate owed debts backlog and lowers the rate of claims rejection
  • Get real-time eligibility verification
  • Increase the productivity of your team
  • Focus more on claims follow-up to increase your revenue
  • Expedite payments
  • Reduce claims rejection rate
  • Reduce your operational costs and speed up the process of reimbursement at a much faster rate
Whether you want Lokesh James to handle the medical billing of your entire medical practice or take charge for a short time to provide expert assistance, James and his team are available to assist you in accomplishing your goals.